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Cooperative Care - Dog Stationing for an Injection


Injections are usually part of an animal's life at some point, whether it be an annual vaccine or a necessary medication. Dogs, cats, and horses are often fearful, anxious, or stressed when getting injections, as a result of previous learning.

But your pet doesn't need to feel this way. Animals can be taught to willingly participate in mildly unpleasant procedures such as injections, using 'cooperative care'.

As you can see in this short clip, FigJam's tail doesn't stop wagging in happy anticipation of the treat that comes after he receives his injection. The whole process predicts good things for him: cheese and pepperoni. This has been achieved by careful training, during which he has the ability to communicate 'I'm not ready' or 'I'm ready' for the next step in training. When animals learn that this communication will be respected, their confidence soars. All animals want to have a sense of choice and control over situations that may be unpleasant - even us humans!

If your pet is fearful of veterinary procedures, or if you would like to be proactive and train your pet how to have a good experience at the vet's, send me a message.

Thanks to my husband David of Points East West Veterinary Services for playing doctor in this clip.

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