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Squamish Puppy Socialization Classes: Join Lauren Fraser, clinical animal behaviourist, to learn about your puppy's development, socialization, how dogs learn, house-training, teaching your puppy using the power of positive reinforcement, preventing common behaviour problems and much, much more!
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Coming Winter 2020
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WHY YOUR PUPPY NEEDS SOCIALIZATION: All puppies go through a behavioural ‘window’ that briefly opens at around 8 weeks of age. Before this window closes, it’s critical that they are carefully exposed to a wide-range of life experiences, in ways that enhance their confidence. Research has shown that puppies who experience such socialization are less likely to develop behaviour problems later in life. 

THE BENEFITS OF THIS PROGRAM: This 5 week program covers what you need to know so that you can maximize your puppy's ability to grow up to be a behaviourally healthy and happy dog. Additionally, each class is engineered to help your puppy be exposed to a new experiences, in ways that boost their confidence. You'll learn how to prevent or address common puppy behaviour problems, and be introduced to positive reinforcement: a training technique that is highly effective and fun, for both you and your dog.  You'll also learn positive techniques to teach your puppy to happily focus on you, even when faced with distractions. These basic life skills are the foundation your puppy needs to develop into your much loved companion. Open, on-going enrollment means no lengthy wait time to start for age-eligble puppies (9-12 weeks of age). In additon to an initial orientation class and four in-person classes, you'll receive a copy of the book 'Puppy Start Right' and access to training videos that you can refer to between classes.

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